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Resilience based on dialogue between science and faith

Resilience as a way of life would be well-grounded when the actor has an integrated personality, meaning that his/her world view has more or less integrated the physical and spiritual dimension of the human person. The Republic of Indonesia has done that since its proclamation of independence in year 1945, by establishing the Pancasila principles. Parahyangan Catholic University (usually acronymed “Unpar”) has formulated further this integration in its so-called SINDU-based (Spirituality and Basic Values of Unpar) way of life in year 2015. This way of life has been incorporated into the welcoming activities for new students, strategically involving around 70 lecturers, both senior and junior, as an immersion activity. What remains is the difficult task of realizing this way of life, of being resilient in paying attention towards “the other”, opting preferentially for the poor or weaker persons. A supporting condition for this resilience would be a practised personal dialogue between science and faith. This is also seen as proper for a practising professional, including a lecturer at a catholic university, even when having different faiths, especially in this era of a so-called 4th industrial revolution, encompassing integration and automation of services, and the role of artificial intelligence. Some simple examples of incorporating this dialogue in lectures and daily life are presented.

Pernyataan Tanggungjawab Aloysius Rusli
Pengarang Rusli, Aloysius - Pengarang Utama
No. Panggil
Judul Seri
GMD Computer File
Bahasa English
Penerbit Panitia Dies Natalis XXIII Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta
Tahun Terbit 2018
Tempat Terbit Yogyakarta
Deskripsi Fisik p. 1 - 6
Info Detil Spesifik Makalah dipresentasikan pada First APTIK International Conference on Poverty and the Environment: Resilience in Poverty Alleviation and Environmental Mitigation. Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 21-23 September 2018.
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