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Dynamic study of reactive dividing wall column to synthesis dimethyl ether from methanol using Aspen Plus Dynamics

In chemical industry, control system is one of the most important things to ensure product quality and safety. In designing the control system, dynamics models in the form of transfer functions are required. In a complex process the transfer functions are derived from black box models, which the relationships between input and output variables are obtained from the dynamic data. One of the complex processes that can be found in the chemical industry is reactive dividing wall column distillation (RDWC). RDWC can be used to synthesis many chemical compound, one of them is dimethyl ether (DME). DME is chemical compound which has a high economic value for it is widely used as reagent in chemical industries. In distillation column, reboiler duty and reflux rate are usually become manipulated variable (MV) and products purities are usually become controlled variable (CV). So in this study, the MVs of RDWC were reboiler duty and reflux rate, and the CVs were purity of DME at distillate and purity of methanol at side stream outlet. The goals of this study were to find the transfer functions between CVs and MVs, as well as the values of the parameters of the transfer function. To achieve this goals, dynamic simulations of RDWC was carried out by series of step test using Aspen Plus Dynamics. It was found that the response of DME purity to reboiler duty and reflux rate was more sensitive and responsive than the response of methanol to reboiler duty and reflux rate; and the responses of DME and methanol purity to reboiler duty were more sensitive and responsive than their responses to reflux rate. Keywords: reactive dividing wall column, process dynamics, transfer functions, dimethyl ether.

Pernyataan Tanggungjawab I Gede Pandega Wirataman Tedi Hudaya, Ferdian
Pengarang Wirataman, I Gede Pandega - Pengarang Utama
Hudaya, Tedi - Pengarang Tambahan
Ferdian - Pengarang Tambahan
No. Panggil
Judul Seri
GMD Computer File
Bahasa English
Penerbit Universitas Lampung
Tahun Terbit 2018
Tempat Terbit Bandar Lampung
Deskripsi Fisik p. 1 - 5
Info Detil Spesifik Makalah dipresentasikan pada International Conference on Engineering, Technologies, and Applied Sciences (ICETsAS) 2018. Universitas Lampung. Bandar Lampung, Indonesia, 18-20 October 2018.
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