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A Robust Optimization Approach for Supply Network Design under Uncertainties

In supply chain practices, designing supply network is a strategic decision that affects the survival of an organization. Although demand and supply uncertainties are well observed in supply chains, it has not been addressed pro-actively in the design model. Vast literatures on network design model had been dealing the problem using either deterministic (using mean value) or stochastic programming. We propose a mathematical model using robust approach where the variability of system performance is taken into account early in the modeling process. Using this robust optimization approach, the knowledge of demand and supply distributions is not critical. Furthermore, only a small number of scenarios are needed to solve the problem and yet it is able to maintain the adequacy of the model.

Pernyataan Tanggungjawab Carles Sitompul, Yogi Yusuf Wibisono, Reynold Andika
Pengarang Sitompul, Carles - Pengarang Utama
Wibisono, Yogi Yusuf - Pengarang Tambahan
Andika, Reynold - Pengarang Tambahan
No. Panggil
Subyek robust optimization
network design
Judul Seri
GMD Computer File
Bahasa English
Penerbit Industrial Engineering Operations Management Society International
Tahun Terbit 2018
Tempat Terbit
Deskripsi Fisik p. 1 - 8
Info Detil Spesifik Makalah dipresentasikan pada Second European International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management. Paris, France, July 26-27, 2018.
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